About Us

Greetings VRBO and Cabin Owners!

We know you are a pro-active owner if you are a VRBO’er, but we also know you can’t be in the Smokies as often as you like.

FrontWhen you come to visit your own cabin, if you are disappointed it is likely your renters are as well. Some will voice their concern, but many will just move on and rent somewhere else the next time.

Do you spend your vacation working on your property instead of enjoying it?

In many cases, the only “eyes and ears” for your cabin/chalet/condo, are the cleaning staff. So their motivation is to get in and out and on to the next cabin.
VPM does not require a contract. Contact us today at: 865-640-8386 vacationpropertymonitors@gmail.com www.vacationpropertymonitors.com

Our service will pay for itself time after time!

We work for you not the rental or cleaning companies. Our mission is to be your eyes and ears and help protect one of your largest assets. One lost guest could pay for this service for a full year!


What is Vacation Property Monitors?
We act as your representative to the management company who manages your cabin to be sure that it is properly cared for. Have you invested in a 2nd home in the Smokies that is not on a rental program? You also are our client. We can visit your home, help you with overseeing the property until you can be here to stay.

Your second home is our first priority!

Protect your Smoky Mountain investment property by contacting us today at 865-640-8386.