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Greetings VRBO and Cabin Owners!

We know you are a pro-active owner if you are a VRBO’er, but we also know you can’t be in the Smokies as often as you like.

FrontWhen you come to visit your own cabin, if you are disappointed it is likely your renters are as well. Some will voice their concern, but many will just move on and rent somewhere else the next time.

Do you spend your vacation working on your property instead of enjoying it?

In many cases, the only “eyes and ears” for your cabin/chalet/condo, are the cleaning staff. So their motivation is to get in and out and on to the next cabin.
VPM does not require a contract. Contact us today at: 865-640-8386 vacationpropertymonitors@gmail.com www.vacationpropertymonitors.com

Our service will pay for itself time after time!

We work for you not the rental or cleaning companies. Our mission is to be your eyes and ears and help protect one of your largest assets. One lost guest could pay for this service for a full year!


Our Mission


small-logo-3Our mission is to be your eyes and ears here in the Smoky Mountains. We don’t work for a rental company or a cleaning company, we work for YOU, the cabin owner. We have no agenda other than to help you protect one of your largest assets. Remember, just one lost guest could pay for this service for a full year!

We want to make your guest’s first impression one they will never forget. Trust us to go above and beyond for the guest and for you.

1. Your bookings will increase.
2. Your customer satisfaction will increase.
3. Your repeat guests will increase.
4. Your referrals will increase.
5. Your utility bills will decrease.
6. Your complaints will decrease.
7. Your guests will leave your home in better condition.
8. Your cleaners will do a better job.
9. No more surprises when you visit.
10. Your visits to your Smoky Mountain dream home can actually be fun again!

Our Services

We can offer vacation homeowners a comprehensive, standard inspection checklist or we can work with you to customize a list based upon your specific needs. Our service will pay for itself time after time. One lost guest can pay for this service for a full year.

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Stacy Charlton Wyndham Vacation Rentals

I have working with Louise Malone in her capacity as a Property Inspector for four years.  During that time, I have found her to be very thorough and detail orientated.  She has been fair and even handed in her report delivery-even though she may be conveying  some news of a miss by Housekeeping or Maintenance, she does so in a neutral and professional manner. Her relationship with both our owners and my staff has been a positive one, and I would recommend her services unreservedly. S Charlton -Smoky Mountain...

Record Breaking Number of Visitors in 2014

Over 10 million visitors came to The Great Smoky National Park. That is a record and a 8% increase from 2013. The last time we had 10 million visitors was in 2000. With all those people coming to Gatlinburg,Pigeon Forge and Sevierville many will be renting a cabin from you. Get your investment property looking its best. There is a lot of competition (cabins) make yours stand out. Remember first impressions are important. Let Vacation Property Monitors help get your cabin on the top and keep it...

Guest Safety in the Winter Months

Your guests may not be accustomed to the cold, icy weather in the Smoky Mountains. In the winter, ice and snow accumulate on steps and walkways leading to the entrance of your cabin. Don’t let your guest slip on ice! Ice melt is a great tool to help avoid accidents. Ask your Rental or cleaning company to routinely spread ice melt in the winter months and instruct them to put a container of ice melt at the front entrance for guests to use during their stay. It’s a small thing that can help avoid...


With mornings starting to be in the 40’s and 50’s, you can feel fall is here. We are just starting to see some color change from the trees. All too soon there will be frost and snow on the ground and freezing temperatures. The Farmers Almanac says it will be as harsh a winter as last year. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a great place to visit anytime of year. What is your favorite spot in the park? Call Louise...

Prepare Homes for the Upcoming Autumn and Winter Seasons

Did you know Vacation Property Monitors can check your home for maintenance needs.  We can do an inspection to be sure your home is ready for the exceptional traffic that arrives for the leaf changing season and then for the winter season ahead. Remember  to have your gutters cleaned out. It will save you a lot of issues...

Save Money and Worry with your VRBO

You had big dreams when you purchased your Vacation Home in the Smokies!   We can help you protect those dreams.  People often ask why they need such a service and the answer is simple, to protect your investment.    Property management companies can vary in their policies and abilities to maintain homes.  We just become your eyes and ears in the Smokies to be sure that your Property management company is doing all they can to keep your home in tip top shape for your guests and for...

Testimonial – Donald W. Hayes Jr.

“Over the past year, Mrs. Louise Malone has gone above and beyond my expectations. I own several vacation homes and several business facilities in other states and I can say without hesitation that my cabin in Tennessee is the best overseen of all.” – Donald W. Hayes...

Testimonial – Amanda Stoneburner

“As a homeowner that utilizes the services of Vacation Property Monitors, I am extremely happy with our services. My husband and I want a cabin that is not on a rental program. We enjoy the cabin every chance we get but due to the fact that we reside in Florida, our cabin is without occupancy throughout the year. Louise Malone, owner, is our “eyes and ears” and our peace of mind as well. I cannot express how comforting it is to have this wonderful service.” – Amanda...

Testimonial – Parker M.

“I am provided detailed reports with pictures, which enables me to pinpoint items to share with my rental company. In short, VPM’s professionalism and dedicated service has been a great asset to me and I fully endorse them.” – Parker...

Testimonials – CL Properties

“We are extremely pleased with your service and would recommend you to any long distance cabin owner.” – CL...